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November 2021

Investigations on gravity influence upon protein crystallization by the gel acupuncture technique

Author(s): Moreno, A., Gonzalez-Ramirez, L. A. , Hernandez-Hernandez, M. D. A. , Oliver-Salvador, C. , Soriano-Garcia, M. , Rodriguez-Romero, A.

Journal/Book: J Crystal Growth. 1999; 196(2-4): 587-594.

Abstract: Most investigations on biological macromolecules are important for the knowledge of the functions in living organisms. Nowadays it is well known that the three-dimensional structure of proteins is obtained either by NMR or X-ray crystallographic methods. The crucial part in the latter is the availability of high- quality crystals in order to perform structural characterization. Nevertheless, there are some approaches to overcome this problem from the statistical [ Jancarik and Kim, J. Appl. Crystallogr. 24 (1991) 409] and physico-chemical point of view [Ries-Kautt and Ducruix, Methods in Enzymology 276 Part A, Ch. 3, 1997, p. 23]. Once the crystals are obtained, the following part of of the protein system should be taken into account in order to avoid a sedimentation phenomena and how the crystal growth technique is determined in order to keep the same diffusion pattern throughout the experiment.

Keyword(s): acu

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