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November 2021

Using Hypnosis to Accelerate the Healing of Bone Fractures : A randomized controlled pilot study

Author(s): Ginandes, C. S., Rosenthal, D. I.

Journal/Book: Alternat Ther. 1999; 5(2): 67-75.

Abstract: Context Hypnosis has been used in numerous medical applications for funct and psychological improvement, bur has been inadequately tested for anatomical healing. Objective To determine whether a hypnotic intervention accelerates bodily tissue healing using bone fracture healing as a site-specific test. Design Randomized controlled pilot study. Setting Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, Mass, and Mclean Hospital Belmont, Mass. Patients Twelve healthy adult subjects with the study fracture were recruited from an orthopedic emergency department and randomized to either a treatment (n = 6) or a control group (n = 6). One subject randomized to the treatment group, withdrew prior to the intervention. iotapes) designed to augment fracture healing. Main Outcome Measures Radiological and orthopedic assessments questionnaires and test scores on lire Hypnotic Induction Scale. included improved ankle mobility; greater functional ability to descend stairs; lower use of analgesics in weeks 1, 3, and 9; and trends forward lower self-reported pain through 6 weeks. lerate healing is warranted.

Keyword(s): Hypnose.

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