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December 2021

Effects of Qigong on Late-stage Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Author(s): Wu, W., Bandilla, E. , Ciccone, D. S. , Yang, J. , Cheng, S. -C. S. , Carner, N. , Wu, Y. , Shen, R.

Journal/Book: Alternat Ther. 1999; 5(1): 45-55.

Abstract: Context Despite the growing popularity of qigong in the West, few well-controlled studies using a sham master to assess the clinical efficacy of qigong have been conducted. Objective To study the effect of qigong on treatment-resistant patients with late-stage complex regional pain syndrome type I. Design Block- random placebo-controlled clinical trial.Setting Pain Management Center at New Jersey Medical School.Patients 26 adult patients (aged 18 to 65 years) with complex regional pain syndrome type I. and the Carleton University Responsiveness to Suggestion Scale. sessment and anxiety assessment reported analgesia compared to 36% of control patients. Anxiety was reduced in both groups over time, but the reduction was significantly greater in the experimental group than in the control group. rimental differences between groups in hypnotiz-ability Future studies of qigong should control for possible confounding influences and perhaps use clinical disorders more responsive to psychological intervention.

Keyword(s): tcm. schmerz. qigong.

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