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December 2021

Eternity in an hour: experiences of time related to psychotherapy sessions

Journal/Book: J Anal Psychol. 1999; 44: 108 Cowley Rd, Oxford Ox4 1Jf, Oxon, England. Blackwell Publ Ltd. 37-55.

Abstract: In this paper I consider the individual nature of the way a person develops senses of rime. I suggest that something of a patient's early, unvoiced, experience is revealed through the temporal rhythms of interaction with the therapist. I refer to development, cycles of experience, metabolism, transgenerational emotions, experiences of beginnings and endings, early interactions with (m)other, together with narrative and its relation to unconscious processes. Experiences of time within the session indicate the nature of the feelings that are being lived, or refused life. I consider the paradox of living in the present and its relation to chronology. Lastly I give an example of the difficulty of timing comments when there is no flow of feeling, which is, itself, a communication.

Note: Article Yariv G, 121 York Rd, Bristol BS6 5QG, Avon, ENGLAND

Keyword(s): eternal pain; experience; interaction; liveliness; movement; story; time; timing

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