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October 2021

Laryngeal movements in saxophone playing: video-endoscopic investigations with saxophone players. A pilot study

Author(s): Schlomicher-Thier, J.

Journal/Book: J Voice. 1999; 13: 265-73.

Abstract: In a pilot study, motions of the larynx and hypopharynx and diaphragm during saxophone playing of two wind instrumentalists were documented by fiberoptic video-endoscopy and fluoroscopy. Velopharyngeal closure is sufficient, even under conditions of flexible transnasal laryngoscopy. During blowing to play the saxophone the larynx is kept in a constant low position, equivalent to that in singing. The laryngeal vestibule is slightly narrowed. After abduction in inspiration, vocal folds are partly adducted during the entire duration of the tone produced. Piano-forte-glissando maneuvers are performed with vocal folds in the paramedian position. The larynx seems to participate actively in saxophone playing by regulating the airflow. We also performed fluoroscopy of diaphragm movements. The overlapping competencies of woodwind playing and singing are discussed with regard to breathing technique of students and performers.

Keyword(s): Fiber Optics/methods. Human. Laryngoscopy/methods. Larynx/physiology. Movement/physiology. Music. Pilot Projects. Respiration. Video Recording

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