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November 2021

Effects of fasting on the circadian body temperature rhythm of Japanese quail

Author(s): Steele, C. T., Zivkovic, B.

Journal/Book: Physiol Behav. 1999; 66: the Boulevard Langford Lane, Kidlington, Oxford Ox5 1GB, England. Pergamon-Elsevier Science Ltd. 137-143.

Abstract: The effect of food deprivation on the body temperature and activity rhythms of quail was assessed in birds exposed to both light-dark (LD) cycles and to continuous darkness (DD). Quail normally exhibit a daily rhythm of body temperature in LD that will persist in DD (that is, the rhythm is circadian). In LD, 3 days' food deprivation caused the body temperature to drop below its normal nighttime levels, whereas daytime body temperature was unaffected. In DD, food deprivation caused the body temperature to drop below normal at all phases of the circadian rhythm of body temperature. Accordingly, the lack of hypothermia during the light phase of the LD cycle following food deprivation must represent a direct exogenous or ''masking'' effect of light, and is not an endogenous property of the circadian system. Blind birds exposed to LD 12:12 exhibited an entrained body temperature rhythm, and food deprivation caused a drop in body temperature below normal levels during both the light and dark phases of the LD cycle. Accordingly, the masking effects of light observed in normal birds on LD cycles is mediated via retinal photoreceptors and not via extraretinal photoreceptors. Measurements of activity levels before and during fasting indicate that fasting-induced hypothermia cannot be explained simply as a consequence of decreases in activity levels. Food deprivation was also observed to cause significant phase shifts in the endogenous rhythm of body temperature.

Note: Article Underwood H, N Carolina State Univ, Dept Zool, Raleigh,NC 27695 USA

Keyword(s): circadian; temperature rhythm; fasting; activity rhythm; quail; NOCTURNAL HYPOTHERMIA; FOOD-DEPRIVATION; ENTRAINMENT; PIGEONS; THERMOREGULATION; CLOCK

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