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December 2021

Suicide and attempted in the province of turin from 1988 to 1994: Epidemiological analysis

Author(s): Chieppa, N., Imperatori, F., Jona, A., Ponzetti, D., Usai, C., Zeppegno, P.

Journal/Book: Eur J Psychiat. 1999; 13: PO Box 6029, 50080 Saragoose, Spain. European Journal Of Psychiatry. 77-86.

Abstract: Background: suicides and attempted suicide were assessed over the period examined (1988-1994) in the province of Turin (Italy). Method: data about suicides and suicide attempts was collected from the Archives of the law Courts for the Province of Turin. Trend and sociodemographic variables were assessed. Results: The rate of suicide and suicide attempts increased over the period examined. Male sex correlates to a higher suicidal risk. Differences regarding methods employed were detected between males and females and between suicides and suicide attempts. Age, marital status, occupational status and mental illness were related significantly to suicidal risk. Conclusion: Data analysis shows a trend of suicidal behaviour beyond individual characteristics.

Note: Article Zeppegno P, Univ Turin, Sch Med, Dept Med Sci, Clin Psichiat, Via Gnifetti 8, I-28100 Novara, ITALY


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