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November 2021

A revolution in the representations of work. The emergence of a statistical category for the ''active population'' in the 19th century, France, Great Britain and the United States

Journal/Book: Rev Fr Sociol. 1999; 40: BP87 05003 Gap Cedex, 636 09 E Marseille, France. Editions Ophrys. 445+.

Abstract: The division of the population between active and inactive, a common base for socio-professional classification varying from one country to another, is in itself too global, making the distinction almost invisible. The strange nature of this solid structure invites an investigation into the process, both long and difficult, at the end of which, late in the 19th century, activity was defined by only one criterion : its market characteristics. Although this aspect was not included in the history of censuses it does throw light on the nature and rhythms of what, without being excessive, can be called a revolution in the statistical representations of work.

Note: Article Topalov C, CNRS, IRESCO, 59-61 Rue Pouchet, F-75849 Paris 17, FRANCE

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