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December 2021

Some limits on encoding visible speech and gestures using a dichotic shadowing task

Author(s): Guzman, F. A.

Journal/Book: J Gerontol Ser B Psychol Sci. 1999; 54: 1275 K Street NW Suite 350, Washington, DC 20005-4006, USA. Gerontological Society Amer. P347-P349.

Abstract: Visible speech and gestures are two forms of available language information that can. Be used by listeners to help them understand the speaker's meaning. Previous research has shown that older adults are particularly dependent on visible speech, yet seem to profit less than younger adults from the speaker's gestures. To understand how visible speech and gestures are used when listening becomes difficult, the authors conducted an experiment with a dichotic shadowing task. The experiment examined how accurately participants could shadow the right- or left-ear input when instructed to attend selectively to a particular ear and whether performance benefited from visual input. The results indicate that older adults' shadowing performance was unaffected by visible speech and gestures. Younger adults did benefit by both visible speech and gestures. Thus, under extremely attention-demanding listening conditions, older adults are unable to use a compensatory mechanism for encoding visual language.

Note: Article Thompson LA, New Mexico State Univ, Dept Psychol 3452, Box 30001, Las Cruces,NM 88003 USA


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