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October 2021

Use of the Beck Depression Inventory for Primary Care to screen for major depression disorders

Author(s): Cavalieri, T. A., Leonard, D. M., Beck, A. T.

Journal/Book: Gen Hosp Psychiat. 1999; 21: 655 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10010, USA. Elsevier Science Inc. 106-111.

Abstract: To ascertain how effective the Beck Depression Inventory for Primary Care (BDI-PC) was in screening for DSM-IV major depression disorders (MDD) in outpatients who were scheduled for routine office visits with physicians specializing in internal medicine, the BDI-PC was administered to 60 male and 60 female outpatients. The internal consistency of the BDI-PC was high (alpha 0.85), and the Mood Module from the Primary Care Evaluation of Mental Disorders was used to diagnose MDD. The BDI-PC scores were not significantly correlated with sex, age, ethnicity, or total number of medical diagnoses. A BDI-PC cuttoff score of 4 and above yielded 98% maximum clinical efficiency with 97% (95% CI 82%-99%) sensitivity and 99% (95% CI 94%-99%) specificity rates, respectively,for identifying patients with and without MDD. The BDI-PC is discussed as an effective case-finding instrument for screening primary care patients for MDD.

Note: Article Steer RA, Univ Med & Dent New Jersey, Sch Osteopath Med, Dept Psychiat, 40 E Laurel Rd, PCC 218, Stratford,NJ 08084 USA


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