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October 2021

Preservice teachers' views of inclusive science teaching as shaped by images of teaching, learning, and knowledge

Author(s): GessNewsome, J. G.

Journal/Book: Sci Educ. 1999; 83: 605 Third Ave, New York, NY 10158-0012, USA. John Wiley & Sons Inc. 131-150.

Abstract: This was a descriptive study of preservice elementary teachers' understandings of and approaches to inclusive science teaching. This study was situated in an elementary science methods course that used a variety of teaching methods to focus on issues related to inclusive science teaching. Data sources included student written work and audiotapes of classroom discussions related to inclusion. Through our interpretive analysis we identified the preservice teachers' positivist views of knowledge, learning, and teaching as one of the most prominent tools through which they understood and reacted to ideas of teaching science to diverse student populations. The impact of this view on preservice teachers' interpretations of science teaching methods presented in the course as well as on their own teaching efforts is described. Finally, suggestions of how to help preservice elementary teachers recognize anti build upon student diversity through science instruction are discussed.

Note: Article Southerland SA, Univ Utah, Dept Educ Studies, 1705 E Campus Ctr Dr, Salt Lake City,UT 84112 USA

Keyword(s): EDUCATION

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