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May 2022

''New Age Movement'' or ''New Spirituality Movements and Culture''?

Journal/Book: Soc Compass. 1999; 46: 6 Bonhill Street, London EC2a 4Pu, England. Sage Publications Ltd. 121-133.

Abstract: The author considers that the ''New Age movement'' and the ''World of the Spiritual'' (so called in Japan) are distinct although similar phenomena which should be grouped together under a common term: New Spirituality Movements and Culture (NSMC). ''Movements'' embraces various types of ''New Age'' and ''World of the Spiritual'' groups and can also include other groups with common characteristics. The word ''spirituality'' is used because many people in the movements consider that they belong to a new age of ''spirituality'' that is to follow the age of ''religion'' as if comes to an end. But many adherents do not like to take part in collective actions. This individualistic inclination sometimes justifies classifying the phenomenon as a ''culture'' rather than a ''movement''. The term NSMC can also be considered to comprise part of the new body of global information and culture.

Note: Article Shimazono S, 1-18-9 Imagawa, Suginami Ku, Tokyo 1670035, JAPAN

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