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October 2021

Sigmund Freud, troublemaker and potential inspiration (Or deterrent) to other troublemakers

Journal/Book: Psychology. 1999; 36: C/O Dr. Casimir Kowalski Ohio State Univ, College Business, Columbus, OH 43210, USA. Psychology. 30-33.

Abstract: Innovators whose data or conclusions challenge the foundations of those in the majority or in authority are at great risk. One such troublemaker was Sigmund Freud whose theses included the pervasiveness of sexuality, unawareness of what we are really like, and absence of essential control over our lives. His shortcomings (especially misunderstanding of female development and qualities, and espousal of faulty psychotherapeutic techniques) contribute to his unpopularity bur do not diminish the worth of his revolutionary insights that, in their elaboration by practitioners and theorists from allied disciplines, augment our understanding of others (individually and collectively) ann ourselves. Discussed also are troublemakers other than Freud whether and how best to be a troublemaker, ann how to reconcile the unease troublemakers evoke,vith the benefits they provide.

Note: Article Schuman EP, 116 Prospect Pk W, Brooklyn,NY 11215 USA

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