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December 2021

Measuring emotion continuously: Validity and reliability of the two-dimensional emotion-space

Journal/Book: Aust J Psychol. 1999; 51: 1 Grattan Street, Carlton, Victoria 3053, Australia. Australian Psychological Soc. 154-165.

Abstract: The validity and reliability of the two-dimensional emotion-space (2DES) was Examined in three experiments. This computer-controlled instrument measures direct, self-reported emotion expressed by stimuli along two bipolar dimensions: happy/sad valence (VA) and aroused/sleepy (AR). In Experiment 1, responses to 24 words and five pictures of faces were collected from 28 participants. The intuitive nature of the 2DES was supported; the instrument had an average resolution of 21 for VA and 25 for AR on a 201-point scale, and demonstrated high test-retest reliability (r > 0.83, p = 0.01 for all). Construct validity was supported by significant correlation coefficient between hypothesised responses (generated from Russell's circumplex of emotion and Whissell's dictionary of affect) and actual responses (r > 0.84). In Experiment 2, 67 participants responded continuously to four complete musical movements. Good agreement was obtained between averaged continuous, overall, and checklist response, supporting the construct validity of the continuous 2DES. In Experiment 3, 14 participants repeated Experiment 2 six to twelve months later (test-retest r = 0.74). The causes of and solutions to problems related to scaling and semantic density are discussed. The 2DES is proposed as a convenient, parsimonious alternative to investigation in semantics and as a means of collecting emotional responses to music within an ecologically valid framework.

Note: Article Schubert E, Univ New S Wales, Sch Mus & Mus Educ, Sydney, NSW 2052, AUSTRALIA


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