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October 2021

War, life crisis and trauma: Assessing the impact of a woman-centered training program in Bosnia

Author(s): Muchele, A.

Journal/Book: Women Ther. 1999; 22: 10 Alice St, Binghamton, NY 13904-1580, USA. Haworth Press Inc. 121-138.

Abstract: This article presents a woman-centered approach to healing that is necessitated by trauma inflicted by armed conflict. The authors present a historical context within which they depict many of the daily consequences that citizens experienced. A training program was developed during a trip to Bosnia in which sixteen women, among whom were social workers, psychologists, physicians, teachers and one Islamic theologian, participated. This program was comprised of five training modules: introduction to basic concepts and issues, the social psychology of war, the counseling process and techniques, social work in a wartime environment, and termination.

Note: Article Scheffler S, Zentrum Angew Psychol & Fraunforsch, Fridolinstr 27, D-50823 Cologne, GERMANY

Keyword(s): woman-centered training; trauma counseling; training program; feminist training; psychoeducation

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