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November 2021

Einstein, Cassirer, and general covariance - Then and now

Journal/Book: Sci Context. 1999; 12: 40 West 20Th Street, New York, NY 10011-4211, USA. Cambridge Univ Press. 585-619.

Abstract: Recent archival research has brought about a new understanding of the import of Einstein's puzzling remarks (1916) attributing a physical meaning to general covariance. Debates over the scope and meaning of general covariance still persist, even within physics. But already in 1921 Cassirer identified the significance of general covariance as a novel stage in the development of the criterion of objectivity within physics; an account of this development, and its implications, is the primary task undertaken in his monograph of ''epistemological considerations'' on the theory of relativity. Cassirer's assessment is correct: general covarlance, understood as an injunction against dynamical theories with background elements, is a ''limiting heuristic principle'' guiding Einstein's fundamental conception of a ''complete field theory''; as such, it underlies a ''separation principle'' built into the conceptual framework of the EPR criticism of quantum mechanics. In conclusion, a further parallel is noted: mutual recognition that the principle of general covariance is but a form of ''anthropomorphism.''.

Note: Article Ryckman TA, Univ Calif Berkeley, Berkeley,CA 94720 USA

Keyword(s): RELATIVITY

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