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July 2022

Interactive effects of personality and mood on emotion-congruent memory and judgment

Journal/Book: J Pers Soc Psychol. 1999; 77: 1073-86.

Abstract: Prior research on emotion congruency has tended to focus on either the effects of mood states or of personality traits on cognition. The aim of the present research was to explore when and how personality traits and mood states interact to influence emotion-congruent memory and judgment. In Study 1, participants filled out measures of personality and natural mood and then completed a series of memory and judgment tasks. The same procedure was used in Study 2, except a positive or negative mood state was induced prior to completion of the cognitive tasks. Extraversion and positive affectivity were related to retrieval of positive memories and the tendency to make positive judgments. Neuroticism and negative affectivity were related to retrieval of negative memories and the tendency to make negative judgments. In addition, several significant personality by mood interaction effects on memory and judgment were obtained in Study 2, which suggests that personality and mood effects on cognition are not independent of one another. Discussion focuses on integrating mood-congruency theories with personality theories and specifying the conditions under which mood by trait interaction effects effects emerge.

Keyword(s): Adult. Affect. Analysis of Variance. Cognition. Cognitive Dissonance. Female. Human. Judgment. Male. Memory. Music. Personality. Personality Inventory. Word Association Tests

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