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October 2021

Course of depression in different psychotherapies - an application of hierarchical linear models

Author(s): Frick, U., Beutler, L. E., Daldrup, R.

Journal/Book: Z Klin Psychol Forsch Praxis. 1999; 28: Rohnsweg 25, D-37085 Gottingen, Germany. Hogrefe & Huber Publishers. 112-120.

Abstract: Scope: While most psychotherapy research focuses on clinical outcome, fewer studies dealt with treatment course. In addition to content reasons, methodological problems seem to be a reason fur this deficit As longitudinal data often is difficult to handle, this study provides an example of how to analyze treatment course by means of hierarchical linear models. Data: The weekly Beck Depression Inventory scores of 63 unipolar depressive outpatients participating in a twenty session treatment course were analyzed Clients had been randomly assigned to one of three treatments: a) Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, b) Gestalt therapy and c) Supportive Self-directed Bibliotherapy. Depression courses were hypothesized to differ between the three treatments as well. As to depend on initial severity of depression, global functioning. And gender. Results: Severely depressed clients improved faster than less depressed clients, while gender and global functioning displayed no effect. Depression. Courses. Were not shown to differ between treatments on a global level. Adjusting for initial severity of depression depression revealed Cognitive-Behavioral psychotherapy to be better than Gestalt therapy among severely depressed patients, and both therapies to be better than Self-directed therapy.

Note: Article Rosner R, Univ Munich, Inst Psychol, Leopoldstr 13, D-80802 Munich, GERMANY

Keyword(s): depression; course of illness; psychotherapy; cognitive-behavior therapy; gestalt therapy; supportive self-directed therapy; hierarchical linear models; growth curve analysis; COGNITIVE THERAPY; MOOD VARIABILITY; OLDER ADULTS; GROWTH CURVE; SEVERITY; PREDICTORS

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