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October 2021

Ancestral voices, spirits, and magic: Dance a new dance in the family therapy room

Journal/Book: Contemp Fam Ther. 1999; 21: 233 Spring St, New York, NY 10013-1578, USA. Kluwer Academic-Human Sciences Press. 225-238.

Abstract: Despite important moves toward reconciliation and dreams of a ''rainbow nation,'' the culture of violence impacts upon family and community life. This article is written within this context and more specifically within the writer's personal reflections on her practice of working as a family therapist in one of South Africa's largest black townships, Mdantsane. It challenges the relevance of first world theory and practice of family therapy in the third world context but is written in the first person and thus in the form of a ''reflective practitioner.'' The usefulness of the Milan approach is questioned and a move toward a social constructionist approach is favoured. The metaphor of dance and music is used to capture the dynamic interaction between client and therapist in the search for a relevant and respectful way of working with families in the South African context.

Note: Article Rankin JA, POB 7426, ZA-5200 E London, SOUTH AFRICA

Keyword(s): family therapy; metaphor of music and dance; South African context; culture of violence

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