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December 2021

Conscious awareness: processing in the synaptodendritic web

Author(s): Meade, S. D.

Journal/Book: New Idea Psychol. 1999; 17: the Boulevard Langford Lane, Kidlington, Oxford Ox5 1GB, England. Pergamon-Elsevier Science Ltd. 205-214.

Abstract: Evidence is presented which indicates that, at the level of conscious experience, information processing in the brain is basically Gabor-like rather than binary (as in Shannon's information measurement theory). The process takes place in a phase space created by a multiply interconnected web of teledendrons, synapses and dendrites. The axons of neurons sample the phase space to create cell assemblies. Assemblies are kaleidoscopic in that the same neuron can partake in a variety of patterns of neuron ensembles. This is much like the variety of patterns created by the features red sweaters, blond hair, or eyeglass wearing in a classroom. A particular student (or neuron) may participate in one or more (or none) of the patterns. The flexibility of conscious experience is attributed to sensory and cognitive challenges that drive the formation of processes in the teledendron-synapse dendritic web. When the formation of axonal patterns takes time (a temporal hold) because of the novelty of the input, they become experienced consciously.

Note: Article Pribram KH, Radford Univ, Ctr Brain Res, Peters Hall Lab, Adams St, Radford,VA 24142 USA

Keyword(s): consciousness; dendritic web; Fourier transformation; holography; holonomic theory; CAT

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