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October 2021

Predictors of use of traditional Korean healers among elderly Koreans in Los Angeles

Author(s): Lubben, J., Wallace, S. P., Moon, A.

Journal/Book: Gerontologist. 1999; 39: 1275 K Street NW Suite 350, Washington, DC 20005-4006, USA. Gerontological Society Amer. 711-719.

Abstract: Many ethnic groups are known to use traditional healers often in conjunction with Western biomedical medicine, thus combining treatment regimens and medical advice as they see fit. Awareness of the use of traditional healers is an increasingly salient issue due to the growing diversity and aging of the U.S. Population. To explore the determinants of use of traditional healers, we studied demographics, health status, and social support networks of a representative sample of elderly Koreans in Los Angeles County, California. The results revealed that chronic conditions such as arthritis, lung disease, and stomach pain, fewer depressive symptoms, availability of health insurance, and stronger social networks were significant predictors of use of traditional healers. Better understanding reasons for and patterns of health care use may enhance the delivery of care to the heterogeneous elderly population by preventing potential treatment complications and increasing health providers' cultural sensitivity.

Note: Article Pourat N, Univ Calif Los Angeles, Ctr Hlth Policy Res, Box 951772, Los Angeles,CA 90095 USA

Keyword(s): traditional medicine; elderly Koreans; health care use; social networks; CHINESE MEDICINE USERS; ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE; UNITED-STATES; CARE; TASTE

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