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October 2021

Spiritual themes of the ''learning organization''

Author(s): McCall, J., Bausch, T. A.

Journal/Book: J Organ Change Manage. 1999; 12: 60/62 Toller Lane, Bradford Bd8 9by, W Yorkshire, England. Mcb Univ Press Ltd. 211-220.

Abstract: In the information age, the Key to competitive advantage claim many contemporary management thinkers, is no longer land or capital but knowledge, and specifically the capacity of organizations to acquire knowledge that translates into ongoing organizational innovations. The learning organization is a model of the organizational type that allows the human spirit to flourish so that creativity and innovation are possible. This study examines the characteristics of the learning organization, emphasizing its spiritual themes of employee growth, collaboration, and a sense of community. Points of convergence and divergence between the learning organization model and traditional spiritual understandings of employees and organizations are explored. Learning from these spiritual sources, it is argued will not only help organizations achieve business objectives, but allow human beings to flourish within organisations.

Note: Article Porth SJ, St Josephs Univ, Philadelphia,PA 19131 USA

Keyword(s): employee development; empowerment; personal needs

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