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October 2021

Verbal representations and spatial manipulation during mental synthesis

Author(s): Logie, R. H., Gilhooly, K. J.

Journal/Book: Eur J Cogn Psychol. 1999; 11: 27 Church Rd, Hove BN3 2FA, East Sussex, England. Psychology Press. 295-314.

Abstract: A series of three experiments is reported that have examined how the specialist components of the working memory model (Baddeley, 1986; Baddeley & Hitch, 1974) are involved during the performance of mental synthesis. The results indicate that the spatial manipulation of material during synthesis draws on the resources of spatial working memory, whereas the maintenance of verbal representations can play an important role in making effective use of cognitive resources during the task as a whole. These results are interpreted within the framework of a revised model of visuo-spatial working memory, in which the specialist components act as temporary storage buffers for visuo-spatial and verbal material, whereas the generation and maintenance of conscious visual images is primarily seen as being a function of the central executive component.

Note: Article Pearson DG, Univ Aberdeen, Dept Psychol, William Guild Bldg, Aberdeen AB24 2UB, SCOTLAND


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