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December 2021

Recognition of visual images in a rich sensory environment: musical accompaniment

Author(s): Frolov, M. V., Davydov, V. I., Milovanova, G. B., Sulimov, A. V.

Journal/Book: Neurosci Behav Physiol. 1999; 29: 197-204.

Abstract: Human recognition of visual images in the form of Arabic numerals affected by "noise" showed a reduction in the time needed for recognition and an increase in the probability of making a correct identification in a rich sensory environment (use of classical or rock music). There was no direct relationship between the volume of the music and its positive effect on the recognition of visual images. The greatest changes in the recognition time and quality of correct recognition occurred at specific volume levels for both classical and rock music, and there were individual differences. The efficiency of image recognition decreased when the same musical fragments were used again with the same volume. The data are interpreted as a manifestation of the dominant.

Keyword(s): Cognition/physiology. Environment. Human. Music/psychology. Reaction Time. Support, Non-U.S. Gov't. Visual Perception/physiology

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