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October 2021

Skin problems of musicians

Author(s): Aksakal, A. B., Oztas, M. O., Gurer, M. A.

Journal/Book: Int J Dermatol. 1999; 38: 192-5.

Abstract: OBJECTIVE: We investigated the skin problems of high level musicians in a professional orchestra. This study was prompted by our observation of violinists with skin changes. METHODS: Ninety-seven musicians were evaluated. Twelve reporting dermatitis associated with the playing of their instruments were patch tested. We also examined 20 singers (nonplayers). RESULTS: Positive patch test reactions to nickel and colophony were found in only three patients. Musicians were subject to a variety of skin problems from playing their instruments, however, such as hyperhidrosis, cheilitis, and calluses of the fingertips. Singers had skin problems including lichen planus, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, and urticaria. It was thought that emotional factors exacerbate their problems. CONCLUSIONS: The results of this survey suggest a significant incidence of occupational- and stress- related skin problems in musicians.

Keyword(s): Adult. Case Report. Dermatitis, Occupational/etiology. Female. Human. Male. Middle Age. Music. Patch Tests. Skin/pathology

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