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October 2021

Redefining the image: Mimesis, convention, and semiotics

Journal/Book: Communication Theory. 1999; 9: 72 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012, USA. Guilford Publications Inc. 75-91.

Abstract: Studies and the interpretation of images have relied on two intellectual solutions. Images have been traditionally judged as imitation (mimesis) of the outside world. After Kant, however, images were understood as the outcome of rules of the mind that constitute the images and provide the key to visuality. Both interpretations are dualist: Mimesis presumes the mental mediation will provide the match between visual patterns and the natural world, whereas the conventionalist tradition stemming from Kant presumes that the system of a prior rule will ensure the match with reality. This paper presents Peircean semiotics as art alternative to what may be considered two sides of the same coin. The option is a triadic conceptual scheme program that redefines image making and what was considered imitation of reality.

Note: Article Neiva E, Univ Alabama, Dept Commun Studies, Birmingham,AL 35294 USA

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