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October 2021

Musikterapi i gruppe af skizofrene og skizotypiske patienter på Sct. Hans Hospital, Afdeling U.

Journal/Book: (Nordic Journal of Music Therapy, in press). 1999; Part of Ph.d.project.

Abstract: TM is a Ph.d. student enrolled in the progarm at Aalborg University with this research project. He has published several articles in different journals, among them The Nordic Journal of Music Therapy. This article reports from a group project lasting six months in 1995, aimed at describing the effect of music therapy (modified GIM) on functional level and self reports of the participating patients. There were 9 pts. in the group, and the test batery included a GAF test, self report questionnaire, a semi-structured interview and 5 supplementary questions.Results indicate that the MT group has been a good support for the pt.s, not least because of the very structured working model. It is difficult to identify improvement exclusively connected to the music psychotherapy, but the patients' reports show their positive evaluation of the process and the experienced support.

Keyword(s): Guided imagery and music. Schizophrenia. Group work. Case studies. Key images. Modified GIM

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