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October 2021

The community-reinforcement approach

Author(s): Meyers, R. J., HillerSturmhofel, S.

Journal/Book: Alcohol Res Health. 1999; 23: 6000 Executive Blvd, Rockville, MD 20892-7003, USA. Natl Inst Alcohol Abuse Alcoholism. 116-121.

Abstract: The community-reinforcement approach (CRA) is an alcoholism treatment approach that aims to achieve abstinence by eliminating positive reinforcement for drinking and enhancing positive reinforcement for sobriety. CRA integrates several treatment components, including building the client's motivation to quit drinking, helping the client initiate sobriety, analyzing the client's drinking pattern, increasing positive reinforcement, learning new coping behaviors, and involving significant others in the recovery process. These components can be adjusted to the individual client's needs to achieve optimal treatment outcome. In addition, treatment outcome can be influenced by factors such as therapist style and initial treatment intensify. Several studies have provided evidence for CRA's effectiveness in achieving abstinence. Furthermore, CRA has been successfully integrated with a variety of other treatment approaches, such as family therapy and motivational interviewing and has been tested in the treatment of other drug abuse.

Note: Article Miller WR, Univ New Mexico, Ctr Alcoholism Subst Abuse & Addict, Albuquerque,NM 87131 USA

Keyword(s): AODU (alcohol and other drug use) treatment method; reinforcement; AOD (alcohol and other drug) abstinence; motivation; AOD use pattern; AODD (alcohol and other drug dependence) recovery; treatment outcome; cessation of AODU; professional client relations; family therapy; motivational interviewing; spouse or significant other; literature review; PROBLEM DRINKERS; ALCOHOLISM; ABSTINENCE

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