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November 2021

''Like chewing gravel'' - On the experience of analyzing qualitative research findings using a feminist epistemology

Journal/Book: Psychol Women Quart. 1999; 23: 40 West 20Th Street, New York, NY 10011-4211, USA. Cambridge Univ Press. 47-57.

Abstract: The researcher's role in creating knowledge and interpretations is of critical concern as new research methods are developed. Recent attention has been given to the ''implications of difference'' on the research process; however, the processes of analysis/interpretation and presentation of research remain to be illuminated. Seeking to address this, I present my experiences as a White researcher of middle socioeconomic status (SES) conducting qualitative research about childbearing with several pregnant Black American adolescents of lower SES. Although the research process was consistent with qualitative research methods, initial analyses of the data led. To findings that seemed far afield from the participants' worlds. I subsequently reanalyzed the data with the principles of a feminist epistemology (Harding, 1991) in mind. The impact of using this epistemology on the processes of analysis and interpretation and my presentation of the data are presented. The results support the importance of developing feminist methodology and epistemology and provide new direction for further work.

Note: Article Merrick E, NYU, Dept Appl Psychol, 239 Greene St, New York,NY 10003 USA

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