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October 2021

Gender, habitus and the field - Pierre Bourdieu and the limits of reflexivity

Journal/Book: Theor Cult Soc. 1999; 16: 6 Bonhill Street, London, England EC2a 4Pu. Sage Publications Ltd. 95+.

Abstract: TI lis article argues that the failure of certain theories of reflexive identity transformation to consider more fully issues connected to gender identity leads to an overemphasis on the expressive possibilities thrown up by process of detraditionalization. Bu ignoring certain deeply embedded aspects, some theories of reflexive change reproduce the 'disembodied and disembedded' subject of masculinist thought. The issues of disembodiment and disembeddedness are explored through a study of the work of Pierre Bourdieu on 'habitus' and the 'field'. The idea of habitus: yields a more dynamic theory of embodiment central to a feminist understanding of Render identity as a durable but not immutable norm. The idea of the 'field' provides a mure differentiated analysis of the social context in such the reflexive transformation of gender identity unfolds. This in turn offers a way of thinking of possible transformations within gender identity as uneven and non-synchronous phenomena.

Note: Article McNay L, Univ Oxford, Somerville Coll, Oxford OX1 2JD, ENGLAND

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