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October 2021

Something for Everyone? An evaluation of the use of audio-visual resources in geographical learning in the UK

Author(s): Bowden, A.

Journal/Book: J Geogr Higher Educ. 1999; 23: PO Box 25, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, England Ox14 3Ue. Carfax Publ Co. 9-19.

Abstract: This paper reports from a survey of geographers in the UK that canvassed their Experiences of using audio-visual resources to support teaching and learning. The survey results suggest that geographical learning has embraced audio-visual resources and that these are, on the whole, being employed effectively. Yet, very little Expansion of audio-visual-based learning is anticipated. It is concluded that integration of audiovisual resources into the mainstream curriculum and active learning on the part of students are essential to Ensure effective and sustainable deployment of audio-visual technology.

Note: Article McKendrick JH, Glasgow Caledonian Univ, Sch Social Sci, Glasgow G4 0BA, Lanark, SCOTLAND

Keyword(s): audio-visual resources; fieldwork; resource based learning; television; geographical education

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