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June 2022

Reduction of forehead integrated EMG and integrated alpha wave through mechanical chair vibration using progressive relaxation by Mitani Method

Author(s): Mitani, K., Kimura, M.

Journal/Book: Jpn J Psychol. 1999; 70: 2-40-14-902 Hongo Bunkyo-Ku, Tokyo, 113, Japan. Japan Psychol Assoc. 87-93.

Abstract: An experiment was conducted to investigate the effects of respondent revised progressive relaxation by Mitani Method (new PR) on left frontal (Fp1) electromyogram (EMG) and electroencephalogram (EEG) alpha waves. 20 subjects, 10 males, 10 females, mean age = 29, SD = 10.05, were divided into the experimental group and the control group. The experimental group received the respondent new PR. Intermittent two minutes vibrations and five mimutes rests, namely DV15-9-4.5 V vibration were given at shoulder and leg. The Fp1 integrated EMG, integrated alpha wave and time of alpha wave appearance were measured by Mitani System. Results showed that only the experimenal group showed significant integrated EMG reduction at Fp1. Alpha waves tended to appear more frequently. Integrated alpha wave, however, decreased significantly. Combined mean of integrated EMG and integrated a wave also decreased significantly. These results suggest the quick reduction of energy expenditure or entering into a deep relaxation of neuro-muscle circuit by the mechanical respondent New PR. As for operant New PR, experiment including such EEG data is not yet performed.

Note: Article Li N, Okayama Univ, Fac Letters, Dept Psychol, Okayama 7008530, JAPAN

Keyword(s): new progressive relaxation; intermittent chair vibration; forehead (Fpl) integrated electromyogram (EMG); integrated alpha wave behavior

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