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October 2021

The Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music: Matrix for Transpersonal Experience

Journal/Book: Journal of The Association for Music and Imagery. 1999; 6: 63-85.

Abstract: This article explores the potential of the Bonny Method to evoke and support transpersonal experiences. Based on Ken Wilber's Spectrum of Consciousness model. which places transpersonal experience within a developmental framework, 128 Bonny Method sessions were analyzed as to the frequency and nature of transpersonal expereince occurring in the sessions. The study was also able to determine those Bonny Method music programs which seemed to stimulate a greater frequency and variety of transpersonal expereince. It was concluded that the Bonny Method can assist individuals in having experiences that are unitive, mystical, transcendent and transpersonal in nature and that these experiences may be integrated into their lives.

Keyword(s): Qualitative research. Spirituality. Transpersonal

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