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May 2022

Effects of music listening on depressed women in Taiwan [In Process Citation]

Journal/Book: Issues Ment Health Nurs. 1999; 20: 229-46.

Abstract: This study investigated the physiological and psychological effects of music listening on depressed women in Taiwan. Through the use of a pretest-posttest, control group, experimental design, the heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, and immediate mood states before and after a music/sound intervention were measured in 30 women. Quantitative data were analyzed descriptively and with t tests. A qualitative questionnaire was administered to participants to elicit information related to the subjective experience of music/sound listening. Significant posttest differences were found in experimental group participants' heart rates, respiratory rates, blood pressure, and tranquil mood states. Significant posttest differences also were found in control group participants' heart rates and tranquil mood states. The results support the use of music listening as a body-mind healing modality for depressed women.

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