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November 2021

Effect of cannabis use on cognitive functions and driving ability

Author(s): Hummer, M., Miller, C., SpernerUnterweger, B., Gunther, V., Wechdorn, H., Battista, H. J., Fleischhacker, W. W.

Journal/Book: J Clin Psychiat. 1999; 60: P O Box 240008, Memphis, TN 38124, USA. Physicians Postgraduate Press. 395-399.

Abstract: Background: Neither experimental nor epidemiologic approaches have so far given definitive answers to the question of the potential effect of cannabis on driving ability. Method: To shed more Light on this topic, we conducted a placebo-controlled double-blind study including 60 healthy Volunteers (a negative urine drug screening test was prerequisite). On the first day, baseline data were obtained from a physical examination and a psychological test battery for the investigation of visual and verbal memory as well as cognitive perceptual performance. On the second day, subjects received a regular cigarette or one containing 290 mu g/kg body weight of tetrahydrocannabinol. Physical and psychological assessments were performed immediately (15 minutes) after subjects smoked their cigarettes. Twenty-four hours later, physical and psychological examinations were repeated. Results and Conclusion: Our results suggest that perceptual motor speed and accuracy, 2 very important parameters of driving ability, seem to be impaired immediately after cannabis consumption.

Note: Article Kurzthaler I, Innsbruck Univ Clin, Dept Biol Psychiat, Anichstr 35, A-6020 Innsbruck, AUSTRIA


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