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October 2021

Dynamic theory. The research programme of Georg Simmel

Journal/Book: Berl J Soziol. 1999; 9: Postfach 300 551, D-51334 Leverkusen 3, Germany. Leske Verlag Budrich Gmbh. 85+.

Abstract: Two weaknesses can still be identified in the discussion of Simmel's work. On the one hand, there is a tendency to interpret his work centered around his person, and on the other, no convincing theoretical explanation. For the fragmentation of his work has been found. In this article it. Is suggested to view Simmel's life's work as a self-devised research programme. Simmel attempted a dynamic generation of theory in the field of culture and social sciences. For this, he employed four cognitive models as analytical instruments: an epistemological model of interaction; a methodical model of abduction; a metaphysical model of immanent transcendence; and the stylistic model of the essay. The metatheoretical investigation of the problem of a dynamified generation of theory leads - so the argument - not to a systematic theory with a consistent structure of thought, but rather to a consistency in the development of thought. Herein lies the actual unifying factor of his life's work and a determination of the type of theory represented by Georg Simmel.

Note: Article Krahnke U, Tech Univ Chemnitz, Lehrstuhl Allgemeine Soziol 2, Chemnitz, GERMANY

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