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October 2021

A long-term follow-up study of adolescent psychiatric in-patients. Part II. Predictors of delinquency

Author(s): Dahl, A. A.

Journal/Book: Acta Psychiat Scand. 1999; 99: 35 Norre Sogade, PO Box 2148, Dk-1016 Copenhagen, Denmark. Munksgaard Int Publ Ltd. 237-242.

Abstract: A total of 932 adolescent psychiatric in-patients were followed up 15-33 years after hospitalization by record linkage to the National Register of Criminality. On the basis of the hospital records the patients were rediagnosed according to DSM-IV and scored on data postulated to be predictors of later delinquency. The factors were investigated by Kaplan-Meyer survival analysis and Cox regression. Cox analysis showed that, in males, main diagnosis (relative risk (RR) = 2.9, 95% confidence interval (CI) = 2.0-4.2), verbal abuse at home (RR = 1.5, CI = 1.1-2.0), disciplinary problems at school (RR = 1.7, CI = 1.2-2.5), and violating ward rules during hospitalization (RR = 1.6, CI = 1.2-2.2) were strong and independent predictors of delinquency. In females, main diagnosis (RR = 2.6, CI = 1.6-4.2), concurrent psychoactive substance use disorder (RR = 2.9, CI = 1.9-4.2), verbal abuse at home (RR = 1.5, CI = 1.0-2.1), and disciplinary problems at school (RR = 1.6, CI = 1.1-2.5) were strong and independent predictors of delinquency. Among males who violated ward rules and received a diagnosis of disruptive behaviour disorder, psychoactive substance use disorder or personality disorder at index hospitalization, as many as 77.6% had a criminal record at follow-up.

Note: Article Kjelsberg E, Univ Oslo, Natl Ctr Child & Adolescent Psychiat, Dept Grp Psychiat, POB 26, N-0319 Oslo, NORWAY

Keyword(s): adolescent psychiatry; crime; risk factors; in-patients; follow-up studies; CONDUCT DISORDER; MENTAL DISORDER; BIRTH COHORT; CHILD; CRIME; INPATIENTS; OUTCOMES; RISK; IQ

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