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October 2021

Loneliness, social support, and perceived relationships with God

Author(s): Shillito, D. J., Kellas, S. L.

Journal/Book: J Soc Person Relat. 1999; 16: 6 Bonhill Street, London EC2a 4Pu, England. Sage Publications Ltd. 513-522.

Abstract: In this study we examined the hypothesis that religious beliefs, and particularly beliefs about having a relationship with God, contribute to the prediction of (lower levels of) loneliness above and beyond the prediction afforded by perceived available (interpersonal) social support. Significant religion x sex interactions in the prediction of loneliness were observed for several religion variables. Follow-up analyses suggested that our hypothesis was supported with respect to women, but that, for men, religiousness was either unrelated to or positively related to loneliness.

Note: Article Kirkpatrick LA, Coll William & Mary, Dept Psychol, POB 8795, Williamsburg,VA 23187 USA

Keyword(s): loneliness; religious beliefs; social support; RELIGION

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