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December 2021

Hallucinogen use among juvenile probationers - Prevalence and characteristics

Author(s): Howard, M. O.

Journal/Book: Crim Justice Behav. 1999; 26: 2455 Teller Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320, USA. Sage Publications Inc. 357-372.

Abstract: The authors assessed the prevalence of hallucinogen use, identified differences between lifetime hallucinogen users and nonusers, and evaluated variables predicting age of onset and lifetime frequency of hallucinogen use among 415 juvenile probationers in a western state. Forty-four percent of subjects reported lifetime hallucinogen use; 37% of probationers used hallucinogens in the past year. Number of substance-using peers, involvement in drug distribution, perceived risks associated with substance use, suicide ideation, participation and attendance in school, and parent involvement in youth activities significantly discriminated hallucinogen users from nonusers. Lifetime marijuana and inhalant use, number of substance-using peers, criminal behavior to support drug use, intention to use drugs, and participation in school were significantly related to lifetime frequency of hallucinogen use. Number of substance-using siblings significantly predicted age at onset of hallucinogen use. Findings indicate that drug treatment services for hallucinogen users are needed in the juvenile justice system.

Note: Article Jenson JM, Univ Denver, Grad Sch Social Work, Denver,CO 80208 USA


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