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October 2021

The straight edge subculture: Examining the youths' drug-free way

Journal/Book: J Drug Issues. 1999; 29: Florida State Univ School Criminology Criminal Justice, PO Box 66696, Tallahassee, FL 32313-6696, USA. J Drug Issues Inc. 365-380.

Abstract: Ethnographic research on a unique subculture known for ifs drug-free identify is presented Straight Edge subculture differs from the other youth movements by supporting a drug-free lifestyle. This research suggests that Straight Edge may be viewed as a fascinating movement away from the drug scene. This article draws on interviews and ethnographic research on Straight Edge youths and discusses aspects of their alternative identity. Discussion focuses on the social norms of this drug-free subculture. An important question is whether Straight Edge will develop into a larger movement in the future or remain a small-scale scene.

Note: Article Irwin DD, Univ N Carolina, Dept Sociol, 601 S Coll Rd, Wilmington,NC 28403 USA

Keyword(s): DRINKING

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