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October 2021

Geophysical variables and behavior: LXXXVIII. Atmospheric electromagnetism: The possible disturbing influence of natural sferics on ESP

Author(s): Schienle, A., Stark, R., Vaitl, D.

Journal/Book: Percept Mot Skills. 1999; 89: PO Box 9229, Missoula, MT 59807, USA. Perceptual Motor Skills. 1179-1192.

Abstract: Sferics are electromagnetic impulses generated by electrical discharges during thunderstorms (lightning). One category is comprised of very low frequency electromagnetic waves, traveling over distances up to a thousand kilometers. Sferics have been shown to affect biological responses such as pain syndromes, reaction rimes, and power in the alpha band of the EEG. In the present study, in which 100 subjects took part, sferics have been studied in their relation to performance on a forced-choice extrasensory perception (ESP) task and to several secondary variables. The general finding is a negative correlation between ESP performance and sferics activity around the time of the session, most notably 24-48 hours prior to the session. Secondary variables appear to modulate this correlation, as has been found in previous research on sferics: the correlation tended to be stronger for persons who scored lower on Neuroticism and higher on the Openness scale of a Five-Factor Personality Questionnaire.

Note: Article Houtkooper JM, Univ Giessen, Ctr Psychol & Behav Med, Otto Behaghel Str 10, D-35394 Giessen, GERMANY


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