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December 2021

Nurses' narrations and reflections about caring for patients with severe dementia as revealed in systematic clinical supervision sessions

Author(s): Edberg, A. K., Hallberg, I. R.

Journal/Book: J Aging Stud. 1999; 13: 100 Prospect St, PO Box 811, Stamford, CT 06901, USA. Jai Press Inc. 89-107.

Abstract: This study explored nurses' narrations about and reflections on caving for patients with severe dementia and their interpretation of the meaning for patients as revealed in clinical supervision sessions. The encounters between patient and nurse could confirm or threaten the patient's identity as a person or the nurse's identity as a person and a professional. Nurses searched for the meaning of these caring encounters, for both the patients and themselves, based on their knowledge of each patient's earlier life and/or sensitivity to the patient's reactions in the current situation. They pieced together these fragments of knowledge into a meaningful whole and then acted upon this interpretation, thus restorying patients' lives. Acting in this way involves risks but also benefits. Reflective discussion about various possible interpretations balanced against the current situation seems essential so as not to override the integrity of both patients and nurses.

Note: Article Holst G, Univ Lund, Ctr Caring Sci, POB 198, SE-22100 Lund, SWEDEN


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