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July 2022

Research methodology issues related to interviewing the mechanically ventilated patient

Author(s): Daly, B. J.

Journal/Book: Western J Nurs Res. 1999; 21: 2455 Teller Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320, USA. Sage Publications Inc. 773-784.

Abstract: Difficulties conducting research in vulnerable or frail patient populations limit the data-based information on which to base practice in these populations. Although there are many challenges in this the of research, they are not insurmountable, and, in an effort to encourage others interested in studying vulnerable patient populations, we discuss the methodological process used to prospectively study one vulnerable group. Interviews about perceptions of weaning, fatigue mood, and sleep/rest stares were conducted with 20 patients who were chronically critically ill and required long-term mechanical ventilation. Illness severity and communication difficulties were primary considerations in the design, development, and implementation of the study Ethical considerations, informed consent, sample representation, and data collection issues are discussed.

Note: Article Higgins PA, Case Western Reserve Univ, Frances Payne Bolton Sch Nursing, Cleveland,OH 44106 USA

Keyword(s): CARE

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