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November 2021

Parents' perceptions of siblings' interactions with their brothers and sisters who are deaf-blind

Author(s): Gallagher, P. A., Fredrick, L. D.

Journal/Book: J Assn Pers Severe Handicap. 1999; 24: 29 W Susquehanna Ave Ste 210, Baltimore, MD 21204-5201, USA. Assn Pers Severe Handicap. 33-43.

Abstract: This study surveyed parents' perceptions of relationships between siblings and their brothers and sisters with deaf-blindless. Parents' responses to a questionnaire were used to examine parents' perceptions of the types of interactions and interaction difficulties found between siblings and their brothers and sisters with deaf-blindness. In addition, parents shared their perceptions in the areas of communication, visual and auditory adaptations, orientation and mobility, and inclusion. The data indicate that relationships between siblings in this study consisted of unequal roles between siblings and their brothers and sisters with deaf-blindness, with siblings primarily taking on a helping role. According to parents, unique modifications needed to effectively interact act individuals who are deaf-blind were not typically being implemented by the siblings in this study.

Note: Article Heller KW, Georgia State Univ, Dept Educ Psychol & Special Educ, Univ Plaza, Atlanta,GA 30303 USA

Keyword(s): deaf-blind; siblings; relationships; HANDICAPPED-CHILDREN; CHILDHOOD; CONTEXTS; FRIENDS

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