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October 2021

Steady-state visually evoked potential (SSVEP) responses correlate with musically trained participants' encoding and retention phases of musical working memory task performance

Author(s): Silberstein, R. B.

Journal/Book: Aust J Psychol. 1999; 51: 1 Grattan Street, Carlton, Victoria 3053, Australia. Australian Psychological Soc. 140-146.

Abstract: This study investigated cortical responses to aspects of musical cognition associated with musically trained participants' performance in a musical working memory task. Steady-state visually evoked potentials (SSVEP) were recorded from 64 scalp sites of 20 musically trained females while they performed two auditory tasks. A probe-recognition task required participants to detect changes in pitch to a recently presented 10-note pitch pattern. Individual particpant's scores in the probe task were correlated with SSVEP latency responses averaged separately over encoding and retention phases of the task. Significant negative correlations were found between participant performance and SSVEP latency over left temporal electrodes during the encoding and retention phase and over left frontal electrodes during the retention phase. It is proposed that cognitive strategies implemented by higher performing participants elicited greater involvement of local left temporal and left frontal cortical networks in conjunction with music encoding and retention processes.

Note: Article Harris PG, Swinburne Univ Technol, Brain Sci Inst, 400 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn, Vic 3122, AUSTRALIA


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