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October 2021

Integrating multiple qualitative research methods (Or avoiding the precariousness of a one-legged stool)

Author(s): Rist, R. C.

Journal/Book: Psychol Market. 1999; 16: 605 Third Ave, New York, NY 10158-0012, USA. John Wiley & Sons Inc. 291-304.

Abstract: This article suggests that market research is enhanced when multiple qualitative methods are combined in a triangulated approach to examining marketing questions. The article begins with a case study that illustrates how a qualitative study can, by itself, be used as a basis for making marketing decisions, when methodological triangulation is employed to guard against unreliable or invalid results. Following the case study is a presentation of the three legs of the qualitative stool-interviews (including focus groups), observations, and document analysis. Each method is described, with a discussion of inherent strengths and weaknesses. The article ends with an argument for increasing the use of integrated, triangulated qualitative studies in the held of market research.

Note: Article Rist RC, World Bank, 1818 H St NW, Washington,DC 20433 USA

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