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October 2021

The interaction of motivational orientation and knowledge-seeking inquiry in computer-supported collaborative learning

Author(s): Lipponen, L., Jarvela, S., Niemivirta, M.

Journal/Book: J Educ Comput Res. 1999; 21: 26 Austin Ave, Amityville, NY 11701, USA. Baywood Publ Co Inc. 263-281.

Abstract: The relations and possible interaction of students' motivational orientation and the quality of their inquiry in computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL) were examined. The study was performed among ten-year-old students (N = 26) in a Finnish elementary school. At the beginning of the learning project, the students were administered similar self-report questionnaires to identify their motivational tendencies. In order to compare the students' general motivational tendencies with their actual engagement, the lessons were videotaped for collecting data on the students' learning and social interaction processes during CSILE (Computer-Supported Intentional Learning Environment) work. Furthermore, CSILE students' written work was analyzed to examine their practices of knowledge production and the epistemological nature of their inquiry. The study indicates that CSCL may facilitate the active participation of students who have a lot of difficulties in traditional school learning. In addition, regardless of their motivational orientation or school achievements, students tended to produce the same kind of descriptive, empirical, and factual knowledge. It seems that classroom culture and the nature of learning tasks significantly constrain each student's practices of inquiry. Longitudinal process-data is needed in order to analyze possible changes in students' motivational tendencies and knowledge-seeking inquiry.

Note: Article Lipponen L, Univ Helsinki, Dept Psychol, POB 13, FIN-00014 Helsinki, FINLAND

Keyword(s): STUDENTS

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