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November 2021

The authenticity and ethics of phenomenological research: How to overcome the researcher's own views

Journal/Book: Nurs Ethics. 1999; 6: 338 Euston Road, London, England NW1 3BH. Arnold, Hodder Headline Plc. 12-22.

Abstract: This article is based on the assumption that the researcher cannot detach from his or her own view in phenomenological research. The researcher is assumed to be able to understand the experiences of an individual only through the points of departure created by the researcher's own view. The goal of this article is to describe practical aspects and their theoretical grounds that are of crucial importance in overcoming a researcher's views in data gathering and analysis. Its purpose is to clarify the authenticity and ethical standards concerning the views of the researcher in phenomenological research.

Note: Article Haggman-Laitila A, Mannerheim League Child Welf, Ruusulankatu 10, 7th Floor, FIN-00260 Helsinki, FINLAND

Keyword(s): authenticity of phenomenological research; ethics of phenomenological research; researcher's views; NURSING RESEARCH; QUALITATIVE RESEARCH; LIVED EXPERIENCE

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