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October 2021

Evaluating interventions for people with severe dementia: using the Positive Response Schedule

Author(s): Brown, S., Smith, A.

Journal/Book: Aging Ment Health. 1999; 3: PO Box 25, Abingdon Ox14 3Ue, Oxfordshire, England. Carfax Publ Ltd. 234-240.

Abstract: Research has shown how understanding of the subjective experience of dementia can improve care practice and increase therapeutic possibilities (Kitwood, 1997). It has also highlighted the need for better ways to assess the wellbeing of people with dementia, particularly those with severe dementia. In response, Perrin (1997) devised the Positive Response Schedule for Severe Dementia (PRS). The PRS is used in this study to assess the impact of short, individualized interventions on the wellbeing of two older adults diagnosed as having severe dementia. The effectiveness of the interventions is evaluated and the potential utility of the PRS discussed.

Note: Article Smith A, Craig Dunain Hosp, Highland Primary Care NHS Trust, Dept Clin Psychol, Inverness IV3 6JU, SCOTLAND

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