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October 2021

Trauma and reconstruction in a large group of refugees

Author(s): TociljSimunkovic, G., Gruden, V.

Journal/Book: Collegium Antropol. 1999; 23: Inst Anthropological Res P O Box 290, Ulica Grada Vukovara 72/IV, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia. Collegium Antropologicum. 299-308.

Abstract: The study is a continuation of a research which the expert team started in refugee and displaced persons' settlements in Croatia. By studying a group of refugees in its entirety we could not avoid noticing its extremely regressive position. Faced with the refugees' numerous existential problems we took the role of good, caring and tender mother (a good object) who will protect her children, give them security, meet their essential needs. Looking at the group dynamics, in the Light of Melanie Klein's theory, we noticed the existence of schizo-paranoid and depressive position in. The group, manifesting itself through the gap occuring as defense from its self-destructiveness i.e. As the protection of introjected object which has be saved from destruction because the true ''good object'' teas destroyed. Through the analysis of schizo-paranoid and depressive position of large group of refugees the aim of our work was to enable the group to gradualy overcome the schizo-paranoid position and transfer into a more mature phase of development, thus creating a favorable atmosphere for maturation and self-protection.

Note: Article Gregurek R, Univ Hosp Zagreb, Clin Psychol Med, Sch Med, Kispaticeva 12, Zagreb 10000, CROATIA


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